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Speccy 1.32.740

File size:6.6 MB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Piriform Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 No of Download :698times
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Speccy is a freeware utility that displays information about the system hardware and software. Developed by Piriform (the same developer who brought to us the award winning CCleaner) and first released in April 2010, it is now a widely used utility for home users who wish to know more about their PCs.
It can be downloaded free from the Piriform website, and it takes between 2-3 minutes to install. After installation, it barely takes 2 minutes to gather all the information about your PC, and Speccy soon displays it all in a simple and easy to understand GUI.
Speccy has the ability to display information about 10 broad categories – OS, CPU, GPU, Audio, Network, RAM, Motherboard, Hard Drives, Optical Drives and Peripherals. These cover everything a basic home user would wish to know about their system and then there’s an additional feature for the advanced users – you can view real time stats on network usage, GPU performance, CPU temperature among others.
Another nifty feature of Speccy is ability to snapshot the current configuration of your PC and save it as a text file or XML file, so that you can easily share the information with your friends or a technician troubleshooting any issues in your PC.
Perhaps the only major drawback of Speccy is its Windows-only availability – it is not available for MacOS users, who can use the “About this Mac” feature in their OS, which also provides all the basic information about your Mac machine.
Overall, Speccy is great freeware utility for all home users who wish to know what’s under the hood of their Windows PC. At merely 6 MB in size, it is also one of the most lightweight utilities available. Highly recommended for home and business use.
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