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Spyware Blaster 5.5

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Spyware Blaster is a free anti-spyware tool that prevents the installation of spyware, adware, browser hijackers and other fastest-growing threats on the web. It is the most powerful protection program that keeps your system highly secure from online threats.

When browsing over the internet, you can find the number of such unwanted friends who are always ready to hit your computer in one or another way. This anti-spyware tool saves your computer from any kind of unwanted interference.

Prevention is better than cure; this is what this program does for you. It saves you from spending hours in getting your system free from malicious visitors.

Features of Spyware Blaster

ActiveX-based software protection
It is a simple program that provides protection from ActiveX-based spyware and other possibly unwanted software. It does not scan and clean the spyware; instead, it prevents the spyware from being installed.

Block Tracking cookies
When you browse a website, somewhere on the internet your online activities are being tracked by someone using the cookies. This program helps in blocking the tracking cookies in commonly used browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Thus, keep your system protected from spyware and other threats.

Restrict Cookies and Sites
It also allows you to restrict the activities of the websites which you do not want to interfere in your work. This restricted websites option gives you the freedom to block the actions of the malware sites in Internet Explorer.

If you know about the cookies or sites which can be harmless and you want to access them, you can exclude them from the exception list from being blocked.

No running in the background
Also, unlike other programs, there is no need to run this program in the background. You can use as many programs as you want to secure your system. It works effectively along with other programs without any distraction.

Built-in Check
This feature is helpful to be updated with the activities of the program. It helps you to ensure that the protection of your system is up-to-date.

Adjust Browser Settings
This program also gives you the facility to adjust the number of browser settings as per your preferences. You can even block Flash content as well.

Benefits of Spyware Blaster

  • Easy to navigate even for novices
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Best way to prevent spyware installation
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Block malware sites and cookies

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5.0 star rating
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"Nice Internet security and anti-malware applicatio" Reviewed by Shailesh Vasava on 27 March 2019

This is the best and free anti malware application for computer.


no cons

"Best application for internet security" Reviewed by Peter Macks on 12 March 2019

Using this software for block website. This is best app for install and uninstall software.


no cons

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