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SyncBack is the world-class backup and synchronization software that allows users to perform a backup, restore and sync operations. It ensures to keep your valuable data and asset protected by maintaining the backup copies of your files and folders effectively. Additionally, it can also synchronize them so that you get a complete copy at both locations.

This software supports an array of operating systems, Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista (32/64 bit), providing a simple and easy to use backup and restore solution absolutely free.

You can install all versions of this software on the same system, thus giving you the freedom to evaluate what best fits your needs. This software can be used for personal, educational, government and commercial use.

Features of SyncBack

Create backup automatically
The backup is created automatically, leaving no chance to lose your data after a hard disk or Windows crash. Whether there is a sudden loss of power or a virus has affected your PC, if you have Syncback installed in your system you will never lose your personal or professional data.

Choose data for a particular action
It allows you to perform a certain type of actions on a particular set of files and folders. This function lets you choose the actions to be performed on your data, where you can select how to process older and newer files, which file to be excluded and more.

Data Compression
This software also allows you to keep your backup files small using FTP and zip compression. You can choose any set of files or folders to be compressed to save the backup space.

Additional features
The other great features include
  • Email logs, it keeps records of the emails and their associated activities.
  • File comparison, you can also perform standard file comparison on the basis of the date and size.
  • Unicode, it creates Unicode for filenames in other languages except for English.
  • Advanced customization, an array of options allows you to customize the software based on your needs.

Benefits of SyncBack

  • Free backup solution
  • Effective backup and restore software
  • Recover lost files easily
  • Backup open files/folders as well
  • Keep data secure

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5.0 star rating
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"Its effective backeup and restore software" Reviewed by Gary L on 25 June 2019

I use this as my data backup and its really good as I get everything on my email.


no cons

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