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Teamspeak 3.2.5

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We truly believe that half the fun in online gaming is lost when you can’t talk to other players. We also know that you’re sick and tired of paying high prices for telephone connections that don’t seem to go ‘everywhere you go’.

That is why voice over IP protocols like Teamspeak is a boon for all of us. It allows online players to connect with another using voice messages that are sent over a server. This eliminates the need for a telephone line and results in cheaper and more reliable means of communication. The software Teamspeak believes in establishing the best and most efficient connections worldwide. 

It proudly claims that it is the best way to stay connected with all your friends. So go ahead shout out a challenge to your gaming foes, because all is fair in love, war, and online gaming.

The salient features of the software include – 


Great Voice Quality and Surround Sound
Teamspeak is designed to make sure that the sound quality of your call is top notch. That is why it provides echo reduction and noise cancellation along with inbuilt microphone volume adjustment

Inbuilt Security Features 
It provides military grade encryption to ensure that your private chats stay private. 

No Login Required
We do not harvest user data and none of our clients are tied to our servers. Which means you can use it from any part of the world without hesitation. Complete reliability is ensured from our end. 

In-Game Overlay
With this feature, you can play hassle free and stay ensured that you won’t miss out on any of the action while playing online games. 

Advantages :

  • Customizations are available for the user interface.
  • It has mobile connectivity
  • Anonymous usage is available
  • You can host your own private server
  • Minimal CPU usage 
  • Unlimited file transfer

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5.0 star rating
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"Adding more fun for gaming" Reviewed by Olivia Powell on 13 June 2019

I am addicted to playing games online and with this, I enjoy playing in a group with m friends.



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