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TeraCopy is a compact software that has been designed to bring greater security and efficiency while copying and moving files to cater to the growing concern of Windows users about slow copying speed especially during bulk transfer over the network.
This software might be your best choice if you have a habit of transferring large amounts of data on a regular basis and often have to cease operation for preforming other disk-intensive tasks. It functions with utmost efficiency by skipping bad files during copying process and displaying them at the very end so that you can gain a clear understanding of the ones which require your specific attention. TeraCopy calculates the CRC checksum values while checking copied files automatically in search of errors. Compared to its Windows counterpart, a bounty of information is provided about the copied files by TeraCopy which integrates with the right-click menu of Windows Explorer and can be set as a default copy handler.


  • Files are verified after being copied to check their similarity by comparing source and target file hashes.
  • Supports CRC32, SHA-1, MD5, SHA-512, SHA-256, xxHash, Panama, RipeMD, Tiger and Whirlpool algorithms.
  • Optionally reveals a confirmation dialog on every single drag and drop operation for preventing accidental movement of folders.
  • History of directories accessed recently are kept by TeraCopy which also shows folders opened in file managers like Explorer.
  • After trying to recover the copy error initially, TeraCopy will skip the problematic file rather than terminating the whole process. Transfer time gets reduced by skipping of unnecessary files.
  • File lists are saved in CSV and HTML formats coupled with all related information.
  • Original date and time stamps are preserved while copying files.
  • TeraCopy enables working in a usual manner with files by replacing the Explorer move and copy functions in its entirety.
  • Volume Shadow Copy and elevated Windows Service options can be used for copying locked files.
  • Forensic experts are in awe of this program which has secured its place in DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit).
  • Buffers get dynamically adjusted for reducing seek times as asynchronous copy boosts up file transfer speed in between two physical hard drives.
  • No explanation is offered by TeraCopy on the skipped files which might be triggered by a number of reasons such as extremely long file name.
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