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TexShop 3.97

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TeXShop is a TeX previewing software system, available for Mac users. This Cocoa-based software uses pdflatex and pdftex, instead of latex and tex for the typesetting process.

Typesetting tool and preferences - The software includes several engines, like LATEX, TEX, XeLATEX and ConTEXt. For the improvement of workflow, the users can get separate tools and scripts, like TEX+Ghostscript, MakeIndex and pdfTEX. They can preview the list of options and the settings of their window parameter. Scaling, scrolling and paging - these are other activities that the users may do with the help of this software.

Magnifying Glass - With a simple click on a previewed file, see the magnified section for analyzing the typesetting information.

Editor – There are color codes for editing files. The LATEX comments are red in color, while the commands are blue. The green ones indicate parenthesis group. These colors help in checking the consistency of codes very easily. From Edit tab, the users can have the statistics of documents and run spell checker.
The Find menu also gives various options
  • Replaces the chosen sub-regions of the document
  • Lists every search string
  • Accepts the expressions to help with advanced level search
The Format tab includes various items to indent or comment the source code blocks. This feature is helpful while debugging any file.
Macros tab is intended for the automation of workflow. It can open up another window that includes label command list in the present files. Bibliography script is also convenient as it does several runs to create various references, related to bibliography in a document.
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