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VLC Media Player 3.0.0

File size:44.65 MB Licence :Open Source Publisher Site Publisher Name Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X 10.7 or later No of Download :1019times
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VLC Media Player, a very lightweight app, is designed for playing video and audio. However, its new version has also the ability to control, manage and customize various media file. The software is able to work with various formats, including RMBV, FLV and MPEG.


Media file conversion - VLC helps in converting the formats of media files to make them compatible to the chosen device. This is useful for mobile users, who like to make their video size smaller.
Media streaming - With the internet connection, the users may stream the preferred media.
Desktop recorder - Save the desktop video by using the software as a screen capturing tool. There is no need of installing a different software system.
Playback control remotely - The HTTP server of the software enables the users in accessing VLC remotely by using a browser. Control the playback as well as queue up the files.
Video effects - Rotation, transformation, cropping, color addition and magnification, these are various effects that the users may apply for the video.
Image modification - To adjust the image, there are various options, like contrast, gamma, brightness and hue. While any video has glitches, these options are helpful.
Panoramic view - A video can get spread on more than one window. Position every section of a video in various windows.
Logo addition - Add business logo in JPG or PNG format and use it as video watermark. Overlay the present logo and control the transparency. 
Play digital radio - VLC has easily searchable radio station lists.
Synchronization - As there is video and audio syncing issues in the converted files, the software has presented with this syncing feature.

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