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Voicemeeter is an audio mixing donationware, developed by VB-Audio software that can be used to mix and manage audio streams from multiple sources. It offers 3 output and 3 input streams (all virtual) to enable the user to mix audio through multiple buses.
Voicemeeter is a fantastic companion to any VoIP calls that you might have to made as it can mix movie soundtracks, internet radio and mp3 among other sources straight into the VoIP application like Skype, Google Hangouts and others. It can even push these streams to an audio output like speakers or headphones, or a voice recording application like Audacity.
What makes Voicemeeter a unique utility because it comes with an in-built Audio I/O which allows the user to operate Voicemeeter as their primary audio device, similar to an actual hardware mixer. It supports multiple audio interfaces like MME, WASAPI and WaveRT.
Voicemeeter also comes equipped with a host of features like its ability to be used as the default media player, where in you can directly control the audio levels and streams of another player like VLC directly from the Voicemeeter GUI. You can also add microphones, and set up Voicemeeter as your monitoring device.
However, a lot of users are now switching over to its more advanced verision, Voicemeeter Banana, which offers 5 input and 5 output streams, and more equalization options than the standard version, and it can even be used for noise cancellation from external hardware sources.
Moreover, you can also add some really cool audio effects to make your voice sound like a robot’s or the devil’s, and you can do it live over any podcast or VoIP calls that you are attending.
It also comes equipped with MID mapping, which allows users to connect MIDI keyboards and potentiometers, and channel their inputs through Voicemeeter to control volume, EQ and effects.
Overall, Voicemeeter is a godsend utility for all advanced audiophiles who love to take their audio experience to another level. And best of all – it’s a donationware so you get to decide the license fee for yourself!
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