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This Windows Web Development Environment helps users in creating web applications using Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Often installed as a software bundle, WAMP Server has found a wide user base for internal testing and serving live websites.
Apache stands out as the most important part of WAMP package and is used for running the web server within Windows. A web developer can conduct tests on webpages in a web browser by running a local Apache web server without having to publish them live over the Internet.
The PHP and MySQL technologies included in WAMP server can also be of great help in creation of dynamic websites. Users can access data spread across the high-speed MySQL database coupled with the supreme functionalities of the scripting language PHP. Thus, a dynamic website can be built by a developer for testing using these two components locally before the same gets published on a public web server. Although the open source components of MySQL, Apache and PHP can be installed individually, they usually are installed together. The popular "WAMPServer," package provides a user-friendly means of installing and configuring the “AMP” components on Windows.


  • Users can manage their database easily using the phpMyAdmin feature.
  • This packaged solution allows users in reproducing their production server.
  • You can add as many MySQL, Apache and PHP releases once the WampServer is installed.
  • Users can manage their server and settings through the tray icon.
You can start developing web applications once the installation process is completed after which you can tune your server without touching the setting files. The installation is carried out in the steps as mentioned below:
  • You need to follow the laid-out instructions after double clicking on the downloaded file whereby the WAMP Server package gets delivered with the latest copies of MySQL, Apache and PHP.
  • On installation of WAMP Server 64-bit, other releases can be added by downloading them on this website whereby they start appearing in the WAMP Server menu to help you switch releases through a simple click.
  • Every single version of MySQL, Apache and PHP is accompanied by its own files and settings.
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