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Wax is a video editing and special effects tool intended for general users. Although Wax is not as complex or as powerful as compared to some of the larger competitors in the market, it manages to deliver unparalleled results in maximum use cases. This freeware is slick, and installs with great ease. Aimed to target general audiences, Wax has been rated capable enough to needs of maximum users.

Wax has been designed with a standard look, with a stack of files and a list of effects list at top left, a video thumbnail placed on top right. The application has unlimited numbers of video and audio compositions (limited audio compositions for now). Wax also supports adding 2D and 3D effects, which in turn are supplied as Plugins. Some quick examples of these include ModelLoader, Text 3D, RotoMode and Particle Generator. The software has a cool feature of “graphics acceleration” in case the user has a high speed video card loaded on their system. This feature, if applicable allows the users to embed special effects to video in almost real time. Wax also has a feature of “Plugin Adapter” – loading and making use of DirectX plugin, Movie Maker presets etc. within Wax.

It takes up almost all the popular input formats including WAV, AVI, etc. whereas outputs can be produced in formats like MPEG, Flash, AVI and all the popular image formats (in case of AVI/WAV, the audio format is compressed created using Audio Codecs preinstalled on a system).

Wax does not feature as powerful capabilities as other competitors like Adobe Premiere Elements or Apple iMovie, but it does perform beyond expectation considering special effects and intuitive editing for normal users and for those who don’t expect high end commercial editing. It is undoubtedly a tremendous tool for video modification which can bring about fine 2D and 3D effects. Features like graphic acceleration (in case of high speed video cards), 3D transitions, Project Management and Plugin Adapter are icing on the cake.
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