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winzip 22.0

File size:15.3 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site Publisher Name :WinZip Computing Inc Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X 10.8 or later No of Download :1069times
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WinZip is one of the simplest and most reliable tools to manage compressed files. This software backs up several compression formats and ensures safety with AES encryption. Compress the files, manage them and share them easily with the use of this too. The software is now available to the users in two versions- Pro and Standard editions.


Zipping and unzipping files
  • Unzip Zipped files instantly to the chosen folder or original folder
  • Allocate large-sized Zip files with no issue of failed downloads, uploads or timeouts
  • Take out the content or files from various types of compressed files, like Zip, RAR, BZ2 and VDMK
  • Unzip and open POSIX TAR documents
  • MP3 files can be compressed by almost 15 to 20 percent and there will be no effect on the quality 
Share files
  • Share the chosen files that are to be sent
  • Use Slack IM tool for sharing and zipping files
  • Choose the name of recipients and email IDs while emailing and directly sharing from internal emailer of WinZip 
Manage files
  • Reduce the size of image file and then convert their format
  • Helps users in sharing files in various ways
  • Ribbon buttons, used to find the deactivated features
  • Classic interface for hiding action pane and files
  • File Management option to copy, delete or move files 
Protect files
  • Remove EXIF data from a range of files to avoid sharing personal information
  • Get back the encrypted data that has been left or created by other employees
  • Encrypt the present Zip file easily
  • Use password to prevent removing encrypted files
  • Prevent unauthorized file copying and secure property with the addition of tailored watermarks
  • Job Wizard for backing up files in WIP
  • After the backup process, WinZip shuts down PC
  • Send any notifications through email after accomplishing the automated processes
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