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X Lite 5.1.0

File size:32.4 MB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site : Publisher Name :CounterPath Released On :12/7/2017 OS :Mac OS 10.09 or later No of Download :617times
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X-Lite is a popular softphone, which is available in free version. With keyboard-like User Interface, this software has lots of features, and it works well with most of the IP PBXs and VoIP solutions. In order to use the software, it is essential for users to create a SIP account.

Interface and software installation

X-Lite softphone presents a very simple UI, which helps users in dialing numbers easily. From call history to the lists, everything is manageable by using this interface. The application covers 50MB space in a HDD, while 1GB for memory. It is available in various versions for Linux and Mac. 
To install the software, there is a need of important credentials and other information on the username, network, domain, authorization and SIP account. However, it is very easy to set up the app. As the users are using VoIP, they will get the details from network administrator.


IM management - The software helps in controlling the contact list so that the users may do text chatting or instant massaging easily. There is IM window, which gives the options to format the emoticons and text. The users may also find out the contact status- online or offline.

Voicemail and video calling - X-Lite helps with voicemail, and there is a clear icon of this feature on the app interface. After getting a notification, the users need to give a click for reading this voicemail. The video calling feature is also helpful for business and personal uses.

High-quality video and voice - The UI of the software is designed in a special way to configure the quality of media. The users may increase or reduce background sound and echo. They can sustain the bandwidth with the silent mode. Video picture resolution and sizes are also adjustable. However, it may vary due to your web cam type and bandwidth limitation.

Video and audio codecs - The app includes various codecs, and the users may choose any of them. H.263 and DV14 are common codecs, useful for any video.

QoS- It is another interesting feature to adjust the service quality, and this is useful mainly for the corporate users. Though there are limited options for configuration, the users may choose the service category for video, voice or signaling.

About the developer
The softphone, X-Lite has been created by CounterPath, a Canadian corporation, which has designed various software solutions to help everyone with telecommunication service

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