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XYplorer 17.40.0100

File size:3.46 MB Licence :Freeware Publisher Name :Donald Lessau Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 No of Download :469times
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With numerous documents and files being used for single tasks. You can be overwhelmed with the amount of data that you need to store and manage. It is difficult to perform all those tasks that you are required to and also maintain a mental note about the files you are using. XYplorer makes this task easy for you to perform. 

XYplorer is a file manager that is designed for windows. It can be used for various tasks due to the multiple features that it has. A few of those features are listed below- 


The tool requires no installation and does not change your system’s registry. This makes it an ideal tool to be carried around in a USB drive and make it easy for the user to rely on this tool on the go. It can be used for various devices with this feature and can help manage more than one system at a time. 

Powerful Search Engine

The tool is supplemented with a powerful search engine that supports boolean logic, regular expressions, and content search. This allows users to be at ease without having to remember the directory and location of the files. This makes the tool a great way to keep a track of files you would not otherwise able to search for or access. 

Tags and Comments

The tool allows you to leave colorful notes that are attached to folders or files. It also allows users to leave tags on the folders they choose to mark. This makes it easy to keep a track of small notes and ideas that might be related to the files that are marked and make it easier for the user to keep notes regarding their work. 

User Defined Commands

This tool allows users to define different shortcuts to perform certain commands that they use repeatedly. This makes the work of the user less tedious and saves a lot of time and energy. It also makes their work a lot easier. 

With all these features and many more, you can be assured that this is the right tool for all your file management needs. So go download today!
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