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You are under obligation to abide by the terms & conditions stated below if you agree to use or access our website ( FileOpt might modify the terms of agreement whenever it deems fit and the same shall be effective once the modified agreement is posted on the website. You are required to conduct periodical review of the agreement for being abreast of all the modifications.

Site Usage

FileOpt does not control, operate or endorse any product, information or services displayed on the web portal apart from the ones which have been clearly earmarked. Remaining services, products and information are not affiliated with FileOpt and offered by third parties.

All software which is made available for downloading is checked by FileOpt by employing latest virus scanning technology. But this does not warrant that the files will be completely free from Worms, Viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious codes having destructive or contaminating properties. It is your ultimate responsibility to implement checkpoints and sufficient procedures for satiating your requirements of data accuracy and maintaining a backup plan for reconstructing any lost data in a manner which is external to the site.


If you want to object any published software and wish to remove the same from FileOpt, then you need to inform us accordingly with details pertaining to your name, company, software title and reason behind takedown request. Our representative shall contact you within thelimit of working days of receiving the takedown request which will be given effect on passage of another 72 hours.

Website Linking

The sub or homepage of can be linked on complying with the terms laid out below:

  • You will link images displayed on our website only when you have been expressly permitted by us. We reserve the ultimate right of withdrawing such permission without any notice or reason and demand your immediate removal of image links.
  • You will have to adopt legal and fair means of doing the same so that it does not damage our reputation or take unfair advantage of the same. The link placed by you should not be suggestive of any approval, association or endorsement on our part especially when none exists.
  • You will not link any external website with FileOpt which has been acting in an indecent, inappropriate or unlawful manner proving to be detrimental to our reputation.
  • You cannot engage in any activity which can diminish our trademarks or logos as well as jeopardise, impair or invalidate its registration.
  • The ‘FileOpt’ logo cannot be used by you as a part of your trading or business name or domain name.
  • You cannot assert any ownership claim on the logos, reputation or goodwill whose rights are vested in us. Any goodwill which shall be derived from usage of such logos will directly accrue to us.

Website Usage

Your usage of our website should in no way interrupt, disrupt or restrict its use by other users. Prior permission is mandatory if you wish to copy or reproduce our content in any form.


FileOpt or its directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, licensors and third party information providers cannot be held responsible for damages and costs, expenses or losses which might result out of agreement violation by you or anybody else accessing the service.

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